Ketupat Palas Durian Nona


Introduce our new product launch Ketupat Palas Durian with super awesome introductory price of RM4.99 per packet (at participating outlets)


Another innovative product by Nona, the number 1 leading Ketupat company in Malaysia: longest heritage, widest range, innovators of Ketupat Mini, Lemang, Ketupat Palas and Ketupat Nasi Dagang. It is Ready to Cook product, Source of Dietary Fibre, First Durian Glutinous Rice with Original Musang King Durian raw material in a very convenient packaging.

Nona Durian Glutinous Rice Cubes

Original Ketupat Palas is one of the most popular traditional dishes in Malaysia using glutinous rice. The preparation of Ketupat Palas in the traditional way is very difficult as glutinous rice needs to be woven one by one to form a triangle using ‘palas leaves’ and cooked for several hours.

Now, Nona presents a combination of Ketupat Palas with Malaysia’s ‘Raja Buah’ Durian (Musang King), and it is available in a convenient easy-to-cook pack.

It can be served with rendang, serunding or peanut sauce. For sweet taste, it is best served with brown sugar, coconut sugar or Kaya Nona. Ready to enjoy easily anytime, anywhere.

Now it’s time for Jom Durian! with Nona Ketupat Palas Durian.

Dish Pairing

Suitability and Availability

  • All occasions and all age groups
  • All major supermarkets and hypermarkets