Soy sauce is one of the most popular traditional condiment and essential in many Malaysian cuisine, Nona proudly introduces our new range of Nona Kicap Lemak Manis (Premium), Kicap Manis and  Kicap Masin that is specially fermented and crafted to stir your tastebud. 

Traditionally Fermentation Process

Nona soy sauce range uses traditional fermentation process where NO chemical are added. This fermentation process takes up to six months or more to naturally develop and refine the rich color, aroma and umami flavour.  

First Draw 

The first extraction of the soy sauce after fermentation process is known as “First Draw” where the quality of color and aroma is at its best, with a richer taste than regular second or third extractions of soy sauce. 

How to Use 

Ready to eat. Suitable as dipping sauce alone or sauces-mix, in a stir-fry, dressing and marinate. Nona soy sauce is a perfect compliment to many recipes and act as food enhancer in daily cooking where it can be used as a substitute for salt or sugar in cooking.

Pack Sizes
: Bottle of 325ml and 600ml

Credential: Certified HALAL by JAKIM.