NONA can be found in most supermarkets in Malaysia. Contact us via email or social media to find the nearest supermarket to you.

All products sold under our brand are certified Halal, you may check the products for the Halal logo before purchasing. If you require further information on our products you may contact us directly

We have various rice cakes that you can choose from and they are all easy to prepare. Our rice cakes ranges include Ketupat Ala Nasi Ayam, Ketupat Ala Nasi Lemak, Ketupat Palas, Ketupat Palas Durian and our award winning Ketupat Palas Pulut Hitam.

Our Ketupat Ala Nasi Ayam and Ketupat Ala Nasi Lemak come with the flavour powder, you would just need to cook our Ketupat Ala Nasi Ayam and Ketupat Ala Nasi Lemak in water after the flavoured powder is added. Please refer to the cooking instructions on the back of the packaging for further information.

Yes, we do. Here at NONA we have a variety of products besides rice cakes. Our product range includes sesame oil, oyster sauce, cooking sauces and many more.

NONA sells 3 different types of instant tea, Classic Ginger Tea, Honey Ginger Tea and Milk Tea.

The key differences between the products mentioned above are:
  • NONA’s agar-agar requires you to cook it in hot boiling water, once it sets and cools down it will be clear and have a solid consistency
  • NONA’s crystal jelly is also made the same way as our agar-agar however once it’s done it will be clear and have a jiggly consistency
  • NONA’s pudding, on the other hand, is very soft when compared to agar-agar and crystal jelly. It also has a thicker consistency when compared to the two desserts above

We sell four types of flour which are Custard flour, Banana Fritter Flour, Fritter Flour and Ang Kwe Flour. Our fritter flour comes in various flavours while our Ang Kwe flour has a variety of colours for you to choose from.

Besides our Char Kuey Teow, Nasi Goreng and Mee Mamak cooking sauces, we also sell cooking pastes. So far, we have two cooking pastes which are Tom Yam and Asam Jawa pastes.

Yes, you can find NONA products in other countries as we managed to collaborate with MATRADE, hence we are able to bring our brand into the international market. To know more on where you can find NONA overseas please view our contact us page.